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Our Objectives


Our Objectives
Issue 23 Summer 2002-03
Issue 22 Spring 2002
Issue 21 Winter 2002
Issue Twenty Autumn 2002
Issue Nineteen Summer 2001-02
Issue Eighteen Spring 2001
Issue Seventeen Winter 2001
Issue Sixteen Autumn 2001
Issue Fifteen Summer 2000-01
Issue Fourteen Spring 2000
Issue Thirteen Winter 2000
Issue Twelve Autumn 2000

Our aims and objectives are basically ideological and revolve around the following:

We are strong supporters of Australian nationalism,
We are opposed to the current multi-racial immigration into Australia and support a return to the White Australia Policy,
We are against large-scale immigration and support a severe reduction in the numbers of migrants coming into this country,
We support pro-natalist policies, especially those that would encourage an increase in fertility among our best and brightest,
We are against foreign ownership of Australian industries,
We are against globalisation and the growing empowerment of multi-national firms,
We are against the encroachment on Australia's sovereignty by trans-national organisations such as the WTO and the United Nations,
We support not only the freedom of our country but we strongly support the freedom of Australian citizens and strongly object to any infringement of our rights to freedom of speech, thought or enquiry.

We may also include a link to download our position papers on this page.

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