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Issue Eighteen Spring 2001


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Selected Articles


Early September 2001, there was a gathering in Durban at a United Nations conference on racism, or to give it its proper and pretentious title, "World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and other forms of Intolerance".

The conference took a pretty wide interpretation of racism and included attacks on colonialism, globalisation, slavery, religious persecution and gender inequality. Unfortunately some of the Arabs threw a cat among the pigeons (or maybe that should be cuckoos) by equating Zionism with racism and claiming that Israel was carrying out genocide and racial persecution against the Palestinians. Israel was described as an "apartheid state". This, as could be expected, upset the Israelis who walked out of the conference. It also led to the US Secretary of State, "African-American" Colin Powell walking out. Nevertheless noted human rightists like Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein were left to carry on.

One of the Arab contingent tried to be a bit more politically correct and claimed to be against bigotry whether it was aimed at Jews, Islam, Africans or Arabs. Curiously he failed to mention anything about bigotry against whites. This brings us to the main point. When someone is decrying racism they are inevitably talking about racism as practised by whites, rarely if ever, is racism as practised by non-whites criticised. One can bet that the racial discrimination practised in Malaysia for instance won't get a mention. As for anti-white racism such as the attacks on Zimbabwes white farmers? This of course won't be criticised.

A feature of the conference was a claim that reparations should be paid to the victims of colonialism and slavery but again it is the white countries that are held to blame here. White countries, or at least some of them, were involved in slavery for a few hundred years but blacks and Moslems in Africa have practised slavery for thousands of years. In fact other blacks in Africa originally enslaved most of the blacks who were transported across the Atlantic to serve as slaves for whites. Will blacks be expected to pay reparations?

Colonialism generally led to improved infrastructure and an increase in the native population. In fact a lot of blacks simply would not exist if not for the development that accompanied the much reviled colonialism.

Cutting through all the hypocrisy and nonsense of the conference it appears the main thrust of it is to berate, abuse and scapegoat whites for all the misfortunes and shortcomings of non-whites. In other words the conference is little short of a platform for anti-white racism. And to make it more sickening Australian taxpayers are paying our ambassador to the UN to attend the conference - another good reason why we should pull out of the UN.

No one was saved by the conference although one delegate did fall foul of criminals and was murdered in Durban. Some harm and no good really came from the conference and hopefully it wont be repeated.

On to a few other matters. One of our readers wrote in regarding evolutionary theory apparently because he does not accept the work of Charles Darwin and the evolution of species. Most scientists however do and Darwins theory is one of the pillars of modern biology. The same reader disputes whether the enslavement of non-Moslem women in the Sudan actually occurs as mentioned on the last page of the Winter Edition of this newsletter. He quotes Internet sites to back up this assertion but it is not hard to find other sites that support the slavery story. Judging by the hopeless human rights record in most African states I am inclined to favour the sources claiming that slavery does exist in the Sudan. He also claims that there is Jewish run slave trade in Eastern European women for prostitution. No doubt this is correct but it seems to be just part of a very sordid trade that occurs in a number of parts of the world.


The problems with the asylum seekers rescued by the Norwegian ship, MV Tampa in September highlighted problems that Australia and other Western countries face with refugees and illegal immigrants claiming asylum.

Those picked up by the Tampa are only a few of the boat people attempting to enter Australia. In 1999-2000 there were 4,000 and the numbers are increasing. From 1 January to 15 May 2001 there were 1,500 boat arrivals, most claiming to be from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are hoping to be among the 12,000 people we take in under the refugee/humanitarian category of our immigration program. Many of the boat people who are accepted as refugees now are only given temporary visas for three years with limited welfare assistance and no family reunion rights. This does not seem to have any effect on the numbers claiming asylum and the government has reduced its offshore humanitarian program to 6,000 people in 2001-02.

Under the 1951 Refugee Convention Australia and other signatories are virtually obliged to assess anyone who arrives on their shores and claims to be a refugee. Unless it is determined that the asylum seeker is not a genuine refugee the country they land in is generally stuck with them. Under the convention someone should not be sent back to their country of origin if they are likely to face persecution. A refugee is defined as someone who is outside their own country and cannot return for fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion. Worldwide there are 1.2 million who have arrived in Western countries and claim asylum under the Refugee Convention. Something like $ 10 billion in total is spent by Western countries on processing and settling asylum seekers.

Meanwhile there are close to 23 million refugees in camps administered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). These are mainly in the Third World although there are still quite a few refugees in south eastern Europe. Only a few of these refugees are accepted for resettlement in other countries. In 1999 only 45,000 were accepted and most of these went to Australia, the United States and Canada. Norway took in 3,900 but most other countries took in very few, if any. The United Kingdom and Germany did not take in any.

On the other hand the UK and Germany have tended to take in a lot of those who land in their country and claim asylum. In recent years Germany and other west European countries have tended to get tougher in an effort to reduce the number granted asylum. Germany received 438,000 claims for asylum in 1992 but by 1999 this had fallen to 90,000.

Unemployment rates for those granted asylum in countries like the UK tend to be high, somewhere around 70 to 95%. In Australia it costs the government $ 10 million in welfare for every thousand refugees in the first year and this rises to $ 28 million over five years.

The countries of east Asia have tended to be less generous. Singapore is not a signatory to the Refugee Convention. China accepts asylum seekers only for the time it takes to get their applications assessed by the UN. Japan and Korea receive very few applications and accept almost none of these. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are not signatories to the convention although they often get stuck with refugees.

There are some basic differences between asylum seekers and the refugees sweating it out in the UN camps. Most asylum seekers are adult males and must have had a reasonable amount of money to make it into a First World country. Some have paid up to $AU 37,000 to be smuggled into Australia. Most of the people left in the UN camps are women and children. In some camps over half are 18 years-of-age or younger. These people are more vulnerable and more likely to face human rights abuses.

Not that everything goes well for the customers of people smugglers. Some asylum seekers have simply been dumped along the way, quite a few ending up in Indonesian jails. Others have drowned when the boats they were in sank or ran aground.

And for those who do make it to Australia there is mandatory detention until they are assessed and given residence, permanent or temporary, or sent back home. Nevertheless, these detention centres are hardly the "hell-holes" depicted in the media. Australian Correctional Management, the private firm that runs most of the centres, gives its staff 420 hours training plus an extra 40 hours for "cross-cultural awareness". Detainees are given three meals a day and qualified medical attention. The Port Hedland centre has separate mosques for Sunni and Shiite Moslems. Other benefits include instruction in basic English, television, computers, sports areas and refreshments. At one time inmates at Villawood could get massage therapy twice a week.

When assessed some groups of asylum seekers have unusually high acceptance rates. Recently it has been 85% for Afghans and 92% for those from Iraq. The government seems to be giving them the benefit of the doubt and only knocking back the most dubious cases. (The UN has a much higher rejection rate). Other groups have not been so lucky. Of over 8,000 applications for asylum made in 1998-99 only 13.7% were successful. Out of 957 Chinese applicants only one was successful. None out of 129 Fijians were accepted. Its no wonder there are fewer from east Asian trying to breach our shores while those from the Middle East still try to flood in.

Will John Howard's get tough policy work? If those sent to Nauru get assessed by the UN, there may be a lower acceptance rate. At the time of writing six of the asylum seekers had already been found not to be Afghans, three were Pakistanis and three were Sri Lankans. Of those who are really from Afghanistan it is unlikely they will have less chance of getting into Australia than the people left in UN camps in the Middle East who are no less deserving of our compassion.

What is needed is a reassessment of the whole refugee question.

Lets look at the broader picture. Throughout much of the world, especially Africa and the Middle East, the average citizen has few rights enjoyed by those in the Western democracies like Australia. Living standards are lower, malnutrition is commonplace, and life and liberty are often both at risk. If we counted all the people in the Third World who are in a poor and precarious position it would run into hundred of millions if not billions. Many would be in a far more desperate situation than either the asylum seekers or those in the refugee camps. While we may sympathise with these people the number we could reasonably be expected to help is a tiny drop in the ocean.

What to do? Firstly we should withdraw from the Refugee Convention. It seems pathetically outdated and leads to the perverse situation whereby Western countries spend $ 10 billion on those who have the money and opportunity to illegally enter and claim asylum while the UN struggles to find a tenth this amount to look after twenty times as many people.

Once out of the convention we could eject all those who illegally enter this country regardless of any claims to be refugees. This would not preclude having a humanitarian component in our immigration program. It would however stop, or reduce the people smuggling racket, ensure fewer make hazardous trips by unseaworthy boats, and save us the huge costs now involved in housing and processing asylum seekers. We would have much more say in who we would accept we could for instance take in mainly Europeans as there are still many in eastern Europe in dire straits, whether classified as refugees or not.

Our main problem will be getting a government with the nous and courage to take this important step.

(Main sources: "Woomera: Hell-Holes and Mandatory Detention of Illegal Immigrants" by Gary Klintworth in People and Place, vol 9, no 1 2001; "Australia and the 1951 Refugee Convention" by Adrienne Millbank in People and Place, vol 9, no 2, 2001; "Managing Asylum Claimants in Australia" by Bob Birrell in Dissent, Spring 2000; The Sun Herald; The Sydney Morning Herald; The Australian)


Although there is generally more bad news than good coming out of Zimbabwe it appears that white farmers may have some respite, or at least some hope of compensation, for farms taken over by blacks. White farmers have agreed to sell one million hectares to the Zimbabwe Government for redistribution. Most of the money however will come from Britain, which has promised $ 100 million while the US, the UN and the European Union look likely to follow suit. Zimbabwe in turn is supposed to stop further occupations of white-owned farms and restore the rule of law to the process of land reform.

This may not do much to halt other problems in Zimbabwe. Those farms already occupied by blacks are generally looted and vandalised, and, where the black squatters undertake any farming, it is generally inefficient. Zimbabwe, along with a number of other African countries looks to be headed for famine in the near future. Zimbabwes maize production is expected to drop by half, cotton production has dropped from 400 thousand to 282 thousand tonnes, the coffee industry has seriously declined, tobacco production is down and the wheat yield is less than half what is required. Not that most of Africa has a brighter future and it will be children who suffer the most. Its estimated that child malnutrition will rise considerably over the next 20 years. By the year 2020 an estimated 39 million children under five will be malnourished. This will be 18% more than in 1997.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe's human rights record is pretty dismal. Political prisoners are said to suffer torture by having burning plastic dripped on them or by being wrapped in plastic bags which are then set on fire. In some cases men have had their testicles wrapped in plastic which is then set alight.

In South Africa attacks on white farmers continue. On July 27 eight blacks attacked an elderly farming couple. Mr Johan le Grange was tortured and beaten to death while his wife was tortured with a hot iron but managed to live through it. The blacks then went to a nearby house where le Granges daughter and 4-year-old grand daughter lived and repeatedly assaulted them.

When an approach was made to the UN Human Rights Commission in Pretoria the reply was that they should stop whingeing and that "you people have had it good for too long". This attitude seems pretty much the same towards the rights of the other 4 million Afrikaners living in southern Africa who suffer many abuses and justly fear ethnic cleansing. The human rights situation in most of the rest Africa is just as bad.

Slavery it seems is just as entrenched in Mauritania as it was in the Middle Ages. The civil war in the Sudan between the Moslem north and the non-Moslem south that has raged for most of the last 45 years has been accompanied by reports of enslavement of captured civilians. A large number have fled the country to escape to refugee camps in nearby countries. Sudanese make up 70% of the 77,000 inhabitants in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Another 500 arrive every month but aid from Western nations has tended to go down recently and many of the camps children are malnourished. Things are getting to the point where some refugees have bribed their way out and tracked back to the Sudan.

A type of child exploitation verging on slavery has developed in Tanzania where young children are used in mines digging out rare gemstone called Tanzanite. Many have died when mining shafts have collapsed or flooded.

The situation in Congo has reached the point of anarchy with much of the country virtually having no government and civil war raging. Roads, schools and medical clinics hardly exist. The dreaded sleeping sickness has returned and the World Health Organisation estimates that the country now suffers around 72,000 avoidable deaths a month. Fears and accusations of witchcraft have led to at least 843 people being killed.

In September conflict between Muslims and Christians in the Nigerian city of Jos left 100 dead.

The future for most of the African continent seems to look bleak to say the least.

(Main sources: Weekend Australian 8/9/01; Freedom2000 News; BNP Update; The Australian 11/9/01; 11/8/01;; American Renaissance Sep 2001)


Racial incidents still continue to flare up in Britain. Late in June there were three days of street battles involving whites and Asians (Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) in the town of Burnley, not far from Oldham, which saw similar clashes a month earlier. Petrol bombs were thrown, cars burned and a couple of pubs burnt to a shell. There were 65 people arrested by police, 200 police officers were injured and the damage done will cost about 25 million pounds.

Race riots are not exactly a new phenomenon in Britain. They have occurred every year since 1958 when blacks rioted in London's Notting Hill. The thing that is different about this year's violence is that it involves mainly Moslems. Hindus were involved only as victims.

Crime figures from Oldham show that in six out of ten racial attacks the aggressor is Asian and the victim white even though Asians make up only 11% of the towns population.

One of the more vicious attacks however occurred in Sheffield in what was described as a racist attack on whites. Two boys, aged 9 and 12 were doused with petrol and set on fire with a blowtorch by three men. (the exact ethnicity of the assailants was not mentioned). In another attack, this time in Oldham, a 24-year-old woman was head-butted to the ground. She was then kicked and racially abused before she managed to crawl to safety.

More recently, in Peterborough, in the early hours of the 21 September, a 17-year-old white lad, Ross Parker, was stabbed to death by a gang of ten Asians in what appears was an unprovoked and racially motivated attack. Later in the day a gang of young Muslims gathered to taunt police and passers-by with anti-white slogans, throat-cutting gestures and shouts of support for Osama bin Laden.

The situation in the United States is, if anything worse than in Britain. As white suburbs and schools become de-segregated whites pull their children out of public schools and start sending them to private schools. The more blacks move into the suburbs the more they deteriorate with violence and other crime rising rapidly. The whites move to areas with fewer blacks but eventually the demographics change, more blacks move in and the whites move again. Even in predominantly white areas they are still not safe. Samantha Jaume, a 25-year-old mother of four lived in the North Shore area of New Orleans. One day a Negro followed her home from the shopping centre, entered her home and brutally murdered her. Her 7-year-old son had the nous to call the police and probably saved himself and the other children from being killed. Unfortunately many other murders of whites will occur and the surviving whites will become refugees in their own country.

The black murderers when caught often receive surprisingly light sentences. Hulon Mitchell, also known as Yahweh ben Yahweh, spent just over ten years in prison for his part in the killings of 23 men, women and children, including up to 16 whites. Mitchell was the leader of a weird racist cult among blacks known as Nation of Yahweh. Initiates joining the cult had to kill a white person as a requirement for joining. It appears that Mitchell had also been associated with the Nation of Islam at one time. Death Angels, a cult within the Nation of Islam, were responsible for the notorious Zebra killings in which dozens, or possible hundreds of whites were murdered, often being tortured first.

Not that all murders are committed by blacks. In Colorado three white youths and a part Indian Immigrant from South America are being charged with a number of murders which came about because of their membership of an "anti-racist" organisation. The group decided that the grandfather of one of the 15-year-old classmates was a racist so he had to be killed. They not only murdered the old man but also killed the 15-year-old and his grandmother. This is not the first violence by so-called anti-racists. Do you remember the 1999 Columbine High School massacre? One of the culprits, Dylan Klebold, was a fervent anti-racist who even had his own anti-racist Web site.

As reported in an earlier edition of this newsletter a serious race riot broke out in Cincinnati last April after a white policeman had killed a black criminal. Since the riots police have been going light on criminals. Arrests are down 50% and traffic stops are down 55%, and crime has risen dramatically. In the period from the riots until 26 July there have been 73 shootings leaving 85 people killed or wounded. This is an 800% increase. All the perpetrators and all but one victim were black. Surprisingly when a white policeman killed a black man who attacked him with a sawn-off shotgun there were no riots or disturbances.

In American prisons, violence, especially of a sexual nature continues. Homosexual rape is common but it has a peculiar racial angle. Blacks are rarely raped by anyone but other blacks. Similarly, Hispanic rape victims are generally assaulted by other Hispanics. Crossing the racial divide can lead to prison riots. White prisoners, however can be attacked by anyone. In fact many rapes, and almost all inter-racial rapes involve a white victim and a non-white assailant. The situation of abuse of whites has got to the point that America's Human Rights Watch has produced a report on it.

(Main sources: BNP Internet; American Renaissance Aug & Sep 2001;;;


America, and for that matter most of the world was rocked on the 11 September when New York's World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were destroyed by highjacked airplanes being flown into them by terrorists. More than 3,000 people, including a number of Australians, were killed at the Trade Centre while over a hundred died in the Pentagon. America's President Bush has vowed revenge and has his sights set on the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, currently living in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. Our Prime Minister Howard has given Bush unconditional support.

Whether bin Laden is actually the mastermind behind the attacks is a matter of controversy. America's foreign policy in the Middle East has undoubtedly made many enemies in the region. They have almost invariably supported Israel against the Palestinians and other Arabs. Even when there are UN resolutions against Israel the US does not step in to make sure they are enforced as it did when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and ignored the UN demands a decade ago. Then there is the damage done to the population of Iraq by sanctions. Its estimated that due to the shortage of food and medical supplies caused by the sanctions between 500,000 and a million Iraqi children have died. To many in the Middle East, America with its pro-Zionist policies must seem a logical target for hatred and violence. The Trade Centre incidentally is mainly Jewish owned.

The success of the attack, which from conception to the final attack, probably cost at most a few hundred thousand dollars and involved a few dozen individuals makes Americas defence costing billions look slightly pathetic. The terrorists appear not to have used much in the way of high technology but in fact used America's own wealth and technology to attack it. America's intelligence services seem something of an oxymoron.

Another point to consider is the liberal immigration policies of the US. Some if not most of the terrorists who highjacked the planes had entered the US legally and lived there for some time. Some are believed to have actually taken flying lessons in the US. With Australia's immigration program being at least as liberal as Americas is this should be a cause for concern.

Some Muslims in Australia and other Western countries have shown support for the Taliban and the terrorists. At the moment however Muslims in Western countries seem to be getting the worst of it. One person was killed in America while Muslims have been harassed in this country, Mosques have been attacked and one in Brisbane destroyed.

One suspects that our so-called multicultural society is headed for more problems.


OVER 20 BRUTAL SEX ATTACKS have been made in the south western suburbs of Sydney in which all the victims were Anglo Australian girls and their attackers were Arabic, generally Lebanese. The victims were mainly teenage girls, one only 13-years-old. In one incident up to two dozen males raped an Australian girl in a schoolyard in the suburb of Guildford and then scribbled degrading comments on her body. The attacks appear to have been racially motivated although in one case that came up before the courts evidence of this was not mentioned. Nevertheless the police statement in one case alleges that the attacker asked his victim "How does Leb c... taste? I bet it tastes better than Aussie c...?" (Sydney Morning Herald 29/7/01; Daily Telegraph 30/8/01). More sickness from the multicultural society.


"Thus the institutions of some major Western countries, flouting established legal and ethical norms, are as intellectually repressive as anybody's Gestapo, in enforcing service to the only surviving European nationalist-socialist movement, and the others are tacitly or even openly supportive of that repression. That is the greatest dirty open secret of our day."

Prof. Arthur Butz, forward from Frederick Tobens "Where Truth is no Defence", 2001

"If the UN says racism is the Third World's biggest problem, it is also implicitly saying that the West not Third World regimes bears primary responsibility for Third World suffering. So Asian, African and Middle Eastern leaders come to the racism conference as accusers, whereas they would come to a conference on education or healthcare, at least in part, as the accused.

South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki might be asked, for instance, why misguided government policies have led more than 8000 of his country's teachers to leave the profession during the last three years, contributing to a grave shortage. Or why incompetence and waste led to 28% of the Government's budget for hospital rehabilitation and 12% of its budget for nutrition remaining unspent last year."

Peter Beinhart, "Durban Gabfest Won't Help to Ease Suffering" The Australian 10/9/01


"RACE and REALITY: A Search for Solutions" byCarleton Putnam, Howard Allen, Cape Canaveral 1967/1980

In 1961, a few years before the United States passed the Civil Rights Act, Carleton Putnam wrote "Race and Reason: A Yankee View" in which he raised reservations and wrote of the problems arising from the idea of liberalised civil rights for blacks. In 1969 he wrote "Race and Reality" a retrospective of post-civil rights America. Both books are brave and controversial and important reading for anyone interested in the race problems of America or the world in general.

A few quotes from the last chapter of "Race and Reality" will give you more idea of what the book is about:

"Looking frankly at Britain and the United States one beheld a strange situation. One saw an Anglo-American majority battered and divided on issues, guilt-ridden and bemused by the equalitarian dogma; one observed a mass media saturating the public with a scientific fraud promoted by a hierarchy whose aim was not the search for truth but political propaganda; one found ignorant political and judicial leaders, with mediocre minds and little moral stamina, drawn from a society whose human resources had been emasculated by two generations of compromise and appeasement

Let a man be told incessantly that everything he and his forefathers had achieved was largely a matter of chance; that the poverty and backward condition of other individuals and races was also largely a question of luck in fact perhaps even the fault of himself and his forefathers; that his standards of morals, fiscal responsibility and personal integrity were no better than anyone elses; that his civilization was mostly happenstance and really nothing much to be proud of; that since all humanity were innately equal, all actual differences must be due to the other mans misfortune and his own four-leave clovers let a man hear these things enough and his values were bound to change.

And the change must soon diffuse itself through the family, the community and the nation. The child must begin to sense it in the parent, the criminal in the court, the employee in the employer, the citizen in his leaders. How seldom one saw the word distinguished today! How seldom one dared to speak of a man as discriminating! In other words in condemning the concept of inferiority, our society necessarily had had to destroy the concept of superiority, for one could not exist without the other.

With its destruction had come the death of respect for authority, of pride in the achievements of the past, of reverence for tradition, of the wisdom to honour the heritage of ones family, one's race and ones' country. Also had come the death of that quality in superior men which sprang from confidence not only in their own personal excellence but in that of their kind and race. This was the most serious loss of all, for it was an electric quality that had once communicated itself, with instant conviction, to others. With it had passed the genius of true leadership, the power to lead up the hill instead of down, to get a nation moving again morally as well as economically.

It was, in fact, the quality that had given men the courage to tell the truth. And thus one was back in the circle, which was just what the hard-core leftist, and the communist, counted on, and the bemused humanitarian, and the castrated conservative, obligingly tread like a squirrel in a cage a vicious circle, indeed, with just one point where it might be broken: by an attack on the lie.

So this was the challenge two generations of false indoctrination to be overcome, an Anglo-American society saturated in a debilitating fallacy to be cleansed. No doubt in due course the Supreme Court would forbid the singing of Auld Lang Syne on New Years Eve, which would be consistent enough, and would spare us even the memory of those who had given us all we had. If there ever there was a goose whose golden eggs were being stolen and which was now in the process of being killed, we were it."

"THE MACPHERSON REPORT: 'Anti-racist' Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom" by Dr. Frank Ellis, a Right Now! Publication, London 2001 (ISBN 0-9540534-0-0)

In April 1993, two black teenagers were attacked by a group of white youths. One of the blacks, Stephen Lawrence was knifed and died shortly after. A few years later a government report, known as the Macpherson Report was brought out to "identify the lessons to be learned for the investigation and prosecution of racially motivated crimes".

Actually the only evidence that the Lawrence murder was racially motivated was that the attackers were white, the victims black and the word "Nigger" was, allegedly, used during the incident. The whites involved had in previous incidents made attacks on whites but Macpherson seems to have been too thick to take this into consideration. Nevertheless the fact that police brought this up was taken as evidence of racism among the police. Macpherson went further and claimed there was "institutional racism" in the police force although evidence to back up this assertion was not given.

Ellis sees the report and in fact much of the anti-racism occurring in Britain as something of a throw-back to the repression and double-think that was once a feature of the Soviet Union. The fight against racism, or at least racism practised by whites, is being used as an excuse for mind control and interference in basic rights that should be unthinkable in a free society.

Ellis is not alone in his concerns. The book includes an article on thought control in America written by Jared Taylor. Taylor outlines the problems faced by people such as Arthur Jensen William Shockley and Michael Levin, who had the temerity to take a politically incorrect stance on race.

Its a matter of argument whether we in Australia have gone as far down the road as the UK. Its not so long ago that Geoffrey Blainey lost his position after questioning the level of Asian immigration. On the other hand a policeman in this country is unlikely to be sacked for using racial slang. This has happened in Britain where one policeman lost his job after using the words black bastard while arresting a black criminal.

As Prof. Ellis says:

"..we should ask ourselves whether we really want to live in a society where every utterance has to be weighed up before we speak; where all verbal spontaneity is lost; where we speak in sound-bites and officially approved slogans."

(Those who would like a copy of Prof Ellis' book should contact the local distributor of Right Now! at PO Box 160, Bankstown NSW 2200)